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Meet the 2016 - 2017 PTA Board!  


President, Debbi Bauml Schultz

Debbi Bauml Schultz and her husband, Ethan, live in Chevy Chase with their three daughters.  Their twins attend the 3's five mornings a week and their older daughter is a proud OKECC alum.  Debbi and Ethan are happy to have found such a warm, wonderful community in the Ohr Kodesh Early Childhood Center, and look forward to meeting many of you across this year.   



Vice-President, Seth Rappaport

Seth Rappaport and his wife, Leah, live in Chevy Chase with their two children, 4-year old Simon and Eleanor, who is 14 months old.  Seth is a trademark attorney at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  He is looking forward to continuing to work on the PTA Board this year and continuing to be involved with the Challah Delivery program and Truck Day!



Treasurer, Ariel Ahram

Ariel Ahram and his wife, Marni, live in Bethesda with their two daughters. His younger daughter Tillie (Matilda) attends the full-day 3s.  His eldest daughter Leonie finished ECC and is now in kindergarten.  Ariel is a professor at Virginia Tech in Alexandria.  You can contact him at arielahram [at] gmail [dot] com




Communications Chair, Nina Kayce

Nina Kayce and her husband, Jeff, live in Chevy Chase with their two sons.  Benjamin attends the full-day 3’s and Sammy will be starting the full-day 2’s in November. Nina is a clinical psychologist who specializes in psychological assessment services.  Her offices are located in Ellicott City and Kensington.  She looks forward to keeping ECC families informed about the many exciting projects and events being provided by the ECC, PTA and Ohr Kodesh community.


Library Chair, Sage Hulsebus

Sage Hulsebus and her husband, Jon Rose, live in Silver Spring with their son, Micah.  A professional librarian, she specializes in providing library and information services to nonprofits. Sage started working on a long-term project for the ECC library when Micah began school last year.  She looks forward to getting more great books in the hands of ECC educators and your children!



Education Chair, Meghan Straub

Meghan Straub and her husband live in Silver Spring with their three children.
Their oldest Charlotte is in the 4/5's class.  Meghan is excited to join the PTA, and to meet the new families joining the ECC community.  Currently, Meghan chases her 18 month old twins around during the day.




Curriculum Connector, Sarah Clay

Sarah Clay and her husband Adam live in Silver Spring.  Their five-year-old, Benjamin is a proud ECC graduate. He started kindergarten this year.  Alex, their three-year-old is in the 5-day 3s class at the ECC.  Sarah also works part-time as a school psychologist.  She is looking forward to helping build connections between families and the outstanding ECC educators during the upcoming school year.  




Room Parent Co-Chair, Janice Eisenberg

Janice Eisenberg and her husband, Yiftach, live in Silver Spring with their two children.  Her son attends the full-day 2s and her daughter attends the full-day 3s.  Janice feels deeply thankful to be a part of the Ohr Kodesh Early Childhood Center community, and looks forward to helping room parents to build strong and meaningful connections between families, educators, and other members of the ECC community.  Janice is a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.



Room Parent Co-Chair, Karene Steiner

Karene Steiner and her husband Ned live in Brookland, DC, with their two children, a daughter who attends the full-day 4’s and a one year-old son.  Karene looks forward to deepening her connection to the OKC community through her work with the Chesed committee.  She works at the U.S. Department of State.



Chesed Coordinator, Rebecca Cohen

Rebecca Cohen and her husband, Bret, live in Silver Spring with their three children.  Max is in the half day 4's program; Benjy is in the half day 3's program; Ruby is 1 and will be attending the ECC next year!  Rebecca is currently a stay at home mom, and worked as a CPA doing tax and audit work beforehand.  She looks forward to engaging the OKECC community in charity events!



Playdate Co-Coordinator, Amy Herman

Amy Herman and her husband, Ariel, live right by Ohr Kodesh with their three children.  Ella is in 1st grade, Aiden attends the full-day 3's class and newborn Lia will be starting school very soon. Amy has her own coaching and organization development consulting company and works on a full time contract at HHS OIG. Amy has previously worked at USPS OIG, Partnership for Jewish Life and Learning (PJLL), NTL Institute, National Institutes of Health (NIH), and American University Hillel in Washington, D.C.  Her areas of expertise include organization development and employee engagement.


Playdate Co-Coordinator, Amanda Sow 

Amanda Sow lives with her husband, Mohamed, and their two children in Chevy Chase.  Dalia is in the full-day 3s class and Noah is in 1st grade.  Amanda has her own practice providing family mediation and legal services.  She looks forward to a great year at the ECC!









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