The Ohr Kodesh Endowment Fund 2019

The Ohr Kodesh Endowment Fund is seeking grant applications from Ohr Kodesh members to maintain and to expand the reli­gious, educational, cultural, social and philanthropic activi­ties of the Ohr Kodesh Congregation.

If you have an idea for an activity or program that you have not yet seen at Ohr Kodesh and want to carry it out with the support of the Fund, then this is your chance. All that is required is a simple proposal on the form that is attached. The deadline for submitting your proposal is Tuesday, February 26, 2019.  Please submit all proposals to Jerry Kiewe; JKiewe [at] OhrKodesh [dot] org

The grants are available to all members and Ohr Kodesh groups who are interested in organizing activities for the Congregation. For this grant cycle, the total amount available is approx. $3,800. It is expected that any activities that are funded will be completed by July 31, 2020.

We will consider all applications, but we will give priority to applications that:

  • Programs or activities that are new, innovative or creative or that may lead to ongoing activities past the grant cycle
  • Programs that are not funded through the current budget.
  • Programs or activities that are carried out in coordination with the ECC, the ABRS or one of the committees of the Congregation.
  • Programs or activities with clearly defined objectives and viable plans to achieve them
  • Promote the goals of the Fund through both the projects and the implementation process
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