Deadline for Mechirat Chametz (legal sale of chametz)

Jewish law requires that we possess no chametz during Passover. To ensure compliance with this tradition, we may transfer title of whatever chametz we have to a non-Jew. Thus the chametz is not legally ours during Passover. This ceremony is usually done by a rabbi and is called Mechirat Chametz (literally, the sale of chametz). All the authorizations are collected and transferred to a non-Jew. Following Passover, possession returns to the original owners. Please
return the form to the office by 10:00 AM on Monday, April 10, 2017.

THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the undersigned has authorized Rabbi Lyle Fishman to sell the chametz of:
Address(es):_ ____________________________________
before Pesach, in accordance with Jewish law.
Date: __________________________________________

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