Pledge 30: Halakhic Rulings of the Conservative Movement

Murray & Nettie Kaye Social Hall (West Side)

Facilitator: Glenn Farber, farber [at] allmail [dot] net

Two one-hour sessions: Sundays, March 4 & March 11 at 10:00 AM

This class will continue examining the reasoning that typifies rulings by Conservative rabbis, and the hashkafah (religious philosophy) that stands behind them. This class will look at how the Conservative movement dealt with the halakhic quandaries brought up by the question of having women come to the Torah for an Aliyah. The reasoning exemplifies some of the values and halakhic tools of the Conservative movement in reaching decisions, especially in resolving differences between earlier Talmudic rulings and the subsequent medieval halakhic codes. Readings will be available in advance.

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