Speaker: Rabbi Aviva Richman

Mayer & Ethel Lerner Sanctuary

Rabbi Aviva Richman will speak following the conclusion of the Mincha service. She is a faculty member at the Hadar Institute in Manhattan, and a doctoral candidate in rabbinics at New York University as a Wexner Fellow.  She was also a fellow at the Cardozo Center for Jewish Law.

She has taught at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles, and has been an invited scholar at Limmud in the UK, New York, Toronto and Los Angeles, and is a past Rosh Kollel of the Bet Midrash at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin. 

She studied in the Pardes Kollel and the Drisha Scholars' Circle and received private ordination from Rabbi Daniel Landes. 

Particular interests include Halakhah, and gender and sexuality in Judaism.

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