Lech Lecha Walking Group

Lech Lecha:  Get walking!!

Studies have found that adding just a modest bit of activity to our daily lives can have dramatic effects on our health and feeling of well-being. www.cdc.gov>basics>pa-health.  Not only are our doctors encouraging us to walk, but God encourages us to walk.  In a little-known midrash from Baba Megilla, the rabbis explained that God’s injunction to Abram to “Go forth from your native land and from your father’s house…” was to improve Abram’s cardiovascular capacity and increase his longevity.  Thus in every generation, the rabbis expounded, we are enjoined to get up and out of our abode and walk about in the world. 

According to Genesis 12:4, Abraham did not go alone.  He took with him on his great walk his nephew Lot and his wife Sarai.  Why? Because it is more fun to walk in groups than walking solo, and because it builds community.

Ohr Kodesh’s own Lech Lecha group is in formation and seeking individuals to take up Abraham’s mantle.  The Lech Lecha group will participate in Montgomery County’s 100 Mile Challenge.  The challenge runs from January 24, 2018 to May 4, 2018 (100 days).  Humans and canines, old and young, can participate.

The program relies on self-reporting and can include a mix of individual or group or subgroup walks.  You may, for example, walk a mile a day, 2 miles every other day, or 7 miles once a week--it is up to you.  We intend to organize group walks to spice up individual experiences. 

Each individual must go to ActiveMontgomery.org and register for activity no. 42466.  When you register use the name of our group “Lech Lecha Ohr Kodesh.”   Each registration costs $5.  Humans will receive t-shirts and dogs will receive bandanas.  The county is also giving weekly prizes and a grand prize drawing to participants.  The county will also be sending weekly motivation emails with health and wellness information.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Kagan at 301-949-4349 or Marla Satinsky at 301-448-9505.  Please let us know that you have signed up (so the group can set up internal communications) by dropping us a line at skagan3 [at] gmail [dot] com or marla [at] shaynablooms [dot] com.

Tentative group walks:

  1. Moving Kiddush—walk in Rock Creek Park 10 minutes after Shabbat services. (grab a bite and go) a short loop walk so you can get back in time to enjoy more kiddush.
  2. Not-a-nap—walk on trails and in neighborhood starting 2 hours before Shabbat minchah.A longer walk with an established group.
  3. Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls, MD side.
  4. Sugar Loaf Mountain
  5. Sligo Creek
  6. Brookside Gardens
  7. The National Mall—loop covers all major monuments and is flat.
  8. Walk with the President
  9. Walk with the Rabbi—bring a question
  10. Walk with the Chazennet –bring a tune
  11. Walk with the Cantor Gerber—bring a pun
  12. Walk with strollers—bring an infant or toddler


Special coordinated program:

Marla Satinsky will be leading a discussion based on the book The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner at the Rosh Chodesh meeting on February 18. The book discusses five geographic areas around the world in which many people have lived to age 100 or more. The author speaks of the secrets of living long, including routines to shed stress, eating a diet of mostly plants and beans, drinking alcohol moderately, and belonging to a faith-based community. He put what he learned about the Blue Zones to the test and reshaped several towns in America. One of the recommendations in the book is to set up communal walking groups.  The book also contains many delicious recipes that have been adapted for easy use and many ideas on how to embrace the Blue Zones solution to transform families, neighborhoods, towns and cities.  All are welcome to participate in this program. For more information on this program contact Marla at 301-448-9505 or marla [at] shaynablooms [dot] com

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