List of Kosher Caterers


The caterers list are currently pre-approved for kosher catering at Ohr Kodesh. They may bring food from their establishments, but the Ohr Kodesh mashgiacha must be in attendance when the food and equipment are delivered and used at Ohr Kodesh.  Click HERE to print a copy of the list.

Ohr Kodesh Congregation has only certified the kashrut of these caterers for affairs that take place at Ohr Kodesh. Caterers not listed may not currently be employed to provide food for activities to be held at Ohr Kodesh.

For information regarding the requirements for potential approval, please consult with the Executive Director at the synagogue office by emailing jkiewe [at] ohrkodesh [dot] org (Jerry Kiewe) or call (240) 450-3486.


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