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Dear Congregant:

Ohr Kodesh Congregation wants to wish you a mazel tov on your upcoming special <birthday, anniversary>, and tell you about a new program which we’ve implemented, in which you can share this ‘special simcha’ with your congregational family. Sharing Your Simcha is a new program which will allow you to share this very special occasion with the congregation, as well as allow the congregants to get to know you better, which will help make our congregation more of a community.

Once each month we’ll be holding a special congregational kiddush which will celebrate our member’s special birthdays, anniversaries and other special life-cycle events. Your contribution of $218.00 will be used to enhance the Shabbat kiddush, and we’ll be telling the congregation a little more about your personal story, which will be published in the Ohr Kodesh bulletin, as well as prominently displayed on a custom-made poster.

For example, if you have a ‘special birthday’ coming up, we’d love to have a picture (either electronic image or we’ll do the scanning and return to you), of you as a baby and a current picture, as well as some biographical information which you’d be willing to share.  Or, if an upcoming ‘special anniversary’ is coming up, we’d love to have both a wedding picture as well as a current picture, and details of how and when you met, where and when you married (and honeymooned), as well as places where you lived and your family.

In both cases, we want to be able to ‘Share Your Simcha with you, as well as help make Ohr Kodesh more of a family. Families celebrate simchas together, making shared memories, and making those families stronger.

If you’re ready to Share Your Simcha , Please click on Share Your Simcha, and type in your simcha details which you’d like to share. We’ll write it up, share the write up with you prior to ‘publication’ and the $218.00 will be added to your Ohr Kodesh account.

Please see the attached PDF for an example

Sample Simcha Questionaires29.98 KB
Sample Simcha Short Bio4.01 MB

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