David Narrow

David Narrow’s family joined Ohr Kodesh in August of 1992, when his older daughter, Emily, was ten. They had been members of Adas Israel, and members of a havura/study group started by Rabbi Avis Miller in 1984 (of which they continue to be members to this day). The movement of several members of the havura from Adas Israel to Ohr Kodesh, coupled with Ohr Kodesh’s  closer proximity to their home in Bethesda,, prompted their switch (despite reservations about OK’s then-non-egalitarian policies). Their daughters, Rachel and Emily, subsequently became b’not mitzvah at Ohr Kodesh in 1995 and 1998, respectively.

In 1995, David lost both of his parents, and was reciting kaddish for twenty straight months. During this difficult time, Sam Salzberg, z’l, was most helpful and encouraging (as he was to so many others). Thereafter David became a fairly regular attendee at Shabbat mincha and ma’ariv services.

Sometime thereafter, David joined the chevra Kadisha, and has served since as a shiva minyan coordinator and occasional shiva minyan leader. He was also recruited by Alan Segerman, then chair of the Religious Activities Committee, to serve on the RAC, despite protestations of insufficient halachic background. After a few years, David was asked to become co-chair of the RAC, and served in that capacity for over a decade, until this past Fall.

Over the years, David has participated in various other synagogue activities, such as distributing food bags prior to Rosh Hashana, helping with the publication of the initial version of Siddur Ohr Kodesh, and assisting in the on-line auction/fund raiser. His family has also participated, and continues to do so, in the ‘Bethesda Cares’ sandwich program, and was making dinners at the Luther Place women’s’ shelter, until the program’s recent termination.

Sometime prior to the synagogue renovation, some 20 years ago, David was tapped by Buddy Sislen to succeed him as the distributor of lollipops at Shabbat morning services (and chagim). What a wonderful “obligation!” He estimates that he has given out more than 50,000 lollipops over the years. (Pace, American Dental Association).

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