Adult Education class: Tefillah

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What are We Doing in Tefilah?

The objective of this session is to make davening a more meaningful activity by examining what Jews are we actually doing.  Are we talking to God?  Are we talking to ourselves?  In truth, Jews are doing many different things.  Some focus on petitionary prayer.  Some focus on stretching out to the ineffable.  Some are engaged in rote recitation.   Others use it as a meditative exercise.  Let’s have a discussion:  What do you do?  How does it work for you?   We’ll also discuss some other ways to view tefilah that might make more sense to you or be more fulfilling,   What would you like to be able to do in tefilah? 

Facilitator: Glenn Farber, Farber [at] allmail [dot] net (Farber)

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