Class: Approaching the End of Life: Ethical Considerations for Families (Part 2)

Conference Room

Approaching the End of Life: Ethical Considerations for Families

Facilitated by Bob Gerwin & Linda Kuzmack

(This is the second session of a three-part class.)

Approaching the End of Life will discuss the sensitive issues of dealing with terminal illness and the approach of death. This program will explore the ways in which we respond to serious, life-threatening or terminal illness affecting a parent, spouse, child, or other close relative or friend. How do we make decisions that are literally life and death decisions, such as a Do Not Resuscitate order?  How do we talk to our loved ones who are dying? How and when to we let go and say that it is time to let our loved one depart? We will start with a Jewish text to frame the problem, and then learn from each of our own experiences and from Dr. Kuzmack’s deep experience as a counselor dealing with end-of-life issues, from Dr. Gerwin’s long experience in dealing with chronic pain and terminal neurologic illness, and with their experience working in the Chevra Kaddisha movement. Mickey Feinberg PhD, will discuss Helping Children Cope With Death based upon her many years of research and experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. These issues affect us all and all are invited to attend. 

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