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As OKC looks ahead, we know that a Rabbinic transition is in our future. This pending shift marks a major milestone for our congregation, and can signal a variety of emotions within our community: anticipation, speculation, opportunity, change, fear of the unknown, and even loss.



Enter EnVision OKC

EnVision OKC is a multi-pronged community engagement and visioning campaign specifically designed for our congregation with the goal of preparing our community for change.

Spanning six months, EnVision OKC will include many different opportunities for members of our community to interact with each other in formal and informal settings with the purpose of elevating the consciousness within our community to identify who we are, name our strengths, recognize our opportunities, and visualize our hopes for our shared future.

EnVision OKC will consist of several components, including:

  1. Four large facilitated Community Meetings (participate in as many or as few as you wish – each will be slightly different, though there is no need to attend more than one):
    • Tues, Feb 12, 7 - 9 PM
    • Sun, Feb 24, 12 noon - 2 PM
    • Mon, Mar 11, 7 - 9 PM
    •  Sun., March 31, 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM (note - time was changed to earlier!)

2.Shabbat Conversation Scripts

3.Online survey

4.Interactive building installation/exhibit

Participating in EnVision OKC can occur in the building, from your home, by yourself, in small groups, and/or in large groups, as often or as little. OKC members are invited to participate in as many or as few ways as possible.

General Timeline:

Jan – Jun 2019 – EnVision OKC campaign

Jul – Sept 2019 – Synthesis of EnVision OKC data, data is shared with community

Below are some FAQs about EnVision OKC. Information will be made available in each bulletin between now and June, and is available on the OKC website at: http://ohrkodesh.org/events/envision-okc-forum

What is EnVision OKC?

EnVision OKC is a multi-pronged community engagement campaign specifically designed for our congregation.  EnVision OKC will consist of several components. Participating in EnVision OKC can occur in the building, from your home, by yourself, in small groups, and/or in large groups. So far, the elements of the campaign include: four large, facilitated community meetings; an online survey; Shabbat Conversation Starters; and a building specific installation.

Who is EnVision OKC for?

EnVision OKC is a community outreach campaign that we hope will touch EVERY member of our OKC community. There will be several opportunities to contribute your opinions, and to make your voice heard throughout the process.

When will EnVision OKC happen?

The EnVision OKC Campaign will occur between January and June 2019.

Where will EnVision OKC happen?

EnVision OKC is designed to seek maximum input from as many community members as possible. This means that there will be events and installations in the building, opportunities to participate online, guided conversations in the homes of our community members, and more. OKC community members can participate as much or as little as they wish, in as many places as they wish.

Why are we even doing this and why should I care?

We know that Rabbinic change is coming. We must prepare ourselves for this shift, and what this will mean for our community. In advance of the Rabbinic search process, EnVision OKC will offer different opportunities for individuals to voice opinions about our community – including our strengths, what makes us unique, where we may look for improvement, and, ultimately, our vision for our future.

So, are we starting our Rabbi search early?

No; EnVision OKC is not part of the Rabbinic search process. EnVision OKC is a community exercise in preparing for the Rabbinic search process. EnVision OKC has been developed with the advice and guidance of other Congregations around the country who have experienced similar transitions in their life cycles, and has been designed using best practices in community engagement and facilitation.

How will EnVision OKC be used?

Information gathered through EnVision OKC will be synthesized and shared within our community. The information we gather will directly contribution to OKC’s Rabbinic search, which will commence in the fall of 2019.


Contact Deb Kerson Bilek at icgstrategies [at] gmail [dot] com or EnVisionOKC [at] ohrkodesh [dot] org.

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