FYI - Parking at Ohr Kodesh on (most) Thursday Nights

January 7, 2021 - 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Parking Lot

Please be aware that, on most Thursday evenings, Ohr Kodesh serves as the host site for two outside groups; Kolot HaLev, a community choir of approx. 40 people that rehearses at our facility, and The Washington Bridge League, which regularly attracts approximately 300 bridge players.  Parking is therefore typically pressed and all are reminded of the need to obey local parking regulations and to be sensitive to the needs of the surrounding community. 

Please note specifically that:
• Visitors may NOT park in spaces on the small “back parking lot” at the rear of the facility. The synagogue maintains a daily evening prayer service that begins at 8 PM and the spaces on this lot are reserved for its attendees.
• All attendees must avoid using the parking spaces that are marked reserved for the clergy, even when seemingly not in use; clergy often return to the facility for evening activities.
• All attendees should use handicapped parking spaces only when appropriate.
• All attendees should be respectful of the neighbors and avoid parking in front of driveways.
• All attendees are expected to observe parking restrictions related to street parking. No parking signs are posted in certain areas and standard laws should be followed. In particular: maintain distances from curbs (within one foot), intersections with yellow curb or signage (35 feet), stop signs (30 feet), driveways (5 feet), other parked cars (two feet), fire hydrants (15 feet) and park in the same direction as the flow of traffic.
• Police do periodically patrol the area and parking tickets may be issued to violators.


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