Hazak Program: Food, Phone Calls & Film

Murray & Nettie Kaye Social Hall (West Side)

Wine and cheese social + showing of documentary: “My Dear Children” with introduction and commentary by Natalie and Barry Cantor. .

Program will begin at 1:00 PM with our annual wine and cheese “welcome to Hazak’s New Year”.  Socialize with old friends and make new friends. Find out where everyone traveled this summer.  Who added grandchildren?  Who took classes?  How was the beach?

This will be followed by a round of phone calls to our Ohr Kodesh members over 90 to wish them a “Shanah Tovah”.  It’s always fun to make these calls.  We will provide the names and phone numbers and script as we did last year.

Finally we will settle into our movie.  One hundred years ago, Jews in what is today Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus suffered through what scholars now call “the holocaust of its day.” Organized massacres called pogroms that swept the region from 1917-1921 killed as many as 250,000 Jews. "My Dear Children" follows one woman’s quest to unravel a family mystery dating back to this time. In 1920, Feiga Shamis, a Russian Jewish mother of 12, sent two of her youngest children to an orphanage a continent away. For the rest of their lives, the two refused to talk about their past. The story behind their silence reveals a little-known piece of the Jewish experience, not just for Feiga’s descendants, but Jews the world over. 

The documentary, offered on PBS last year, captures the journey of Feiga’s granddaughter Judy Favish as she seeks to understand why her father, Feiga’s son Mannie, would never talk about his childhood. Using a letter Feiga wrote to the children she let go, Judy travels to three continents to trace the events that tore apart not only her family, but also tens of thousands of others. Through Judy’s journey and Feiga’s letter, the forgotten history of pogroms and the anti-Jewish massacres following WWI are explored, along with the impact of the violence on multiple generations, and why these massacres should be seen as a precursor to the Holocaust.

For more information, contact: Sandra Walter: SMWalter [at] me [dot] com

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