NEW Parashat Hashavua Class

Murray & Nettie Kaye Social Hall (West Side)

Facilitators:  Rabbi Avi Strausberg, the director of National Learning Initiatives at Hadar, & Rabbi Penina Podwol Alexander, assistant principal at B’nai Israel Cong Cost:  $150 for OKC members and $180 for non-members

For More Information and To Sign Up Contact: Nicole [dot] s [dot] rosen [at] gmail [dot] com

NEW Parashat Hashavua Class: Looking to learn more Torah?  Join Ohr Kodesh’s new parashat hashavua class.  The class will be co-taught by renowned local rabbis and top educators, Rabbi Avi Strausberg and Rabbi Penina Alexander, and will kick off right at the beginning with Parashat Beresheet.  Classes will be held at Ohr Kodesh from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. every other Friday morning from Oct 25 -  June 26 and are open to Ohr Kodesh members and non-members. The class will delve into one piece of each week’s parasha and examine it critically with commentary from our sages.  All learning levels welcome. Due to generous sponsorship from OKC, the cost per participant for the entire year of learning is $150 for OKC members and $180 for non-members. Thank you Ohr Kodesh for sponsoring and hosting this wonderful learning opportunity!

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