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Murray & Nettie Kaye Social Hall (E + W)

Jews for Exegesis: Rashbam's Commentary on the Torah Portion
Facilitator: Richard Friedman
Date: Saturdays, Shabbat during kiddush

Each week we study a selection from the commentary of Rashbam (Rabbi Sh'muel ben Meir) on the weekly parashah. Rashbam was a grandson of Rashi; his commentary emphasizes the p'shat, the straightforward meaning of the verses. We focus both on how Rashbam understands the biblical verses and on how he frequently disagrees with his grandfather.  Previous experience with Torah commentary is not required; nor is Hebrew fluency, since a translation is available. Discussion is simultaneously irreverent and serious. We meet in the far corner of the social hall -- please join us.

Ohr Kodesh Congregation

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