Project ZUG (Adult Jewish Education) Siyyum

Salzberg Family Library

Project Zug is a set of well-cultivated and extremely enriching materials designed to encourage adult education and crafted by the Hadar Institute in New York.

In coordination with the Hadar Institute, Ohr Kodesh will be offering an initial program that will involve text study utilizing these materials, and feature a mix of in-person group learning and at-home chevruta-style/partner learning. 

We plan to offer:

--a Kick-off event, on Thursday, January 24 @ 8:30 PM at Ohr Kodesh, led by Rabbi Fishman

--followed by two weeks of at-home home/chevrutah learning

--a "Half-time Jam Session" (in-person) on Monday, February 14 @ 8:20 PM, to be led by Rabbi Avi Strausberg, the Hadar Institute's DC representative

--followed by an additional two weeks of at-home/chevrutah learning

--culminating on Saturday, March 2 @ 7:30 PM in an awesome siyyum/celebratory evening, with food and drink, learning, and heartfelt singing and learning. The siyyum will serve as the capstone of the program, adopting the model used so successfully at this past year's OKC Retreat Tisch. It will allow participants to share their particular takeaways from the program, along with other Torah insights.  

To register for the program ... go to:

Or reach out to Joshua Wilkenfeld: JjoshuaiW [at] gmail [dot] com (oshuaiW@)joshuaiWiw [at] gmail [dot] com (  with any questions.

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