Quotidian Kabbalah: The Kedushah

Murray & Nettie Kaye Social Hall (West Side)

Sunday March 3, 9:45 AM

Facilitated by David J Gray

Quotidian refers to those things that happen daily, but does not necessarily mean chol, or ordinary. Kedushah means holiness and is the name of a liturgical formula recited three times in the daily morning service. The liturgical Kedushah consists of three scriptural verses: Ezekiel's and Isaiah's mystical visions of the divine and a declaration of God's eternity from Psalms. The Kedushah originated with early mystics as an attempt to ascend to heaven to come into the divine presence. These verses were thought to be divinely charged to disseminate kedushah - holiness.  We'll look at the structure of the liturgical Kedushah, it appearances in liturgy and its connections to the steady spine of kabbalah, through ancient, early modern (Lurianic) and current times.

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