Memorial Plaque

Ohr Kodesh Congregation affords those who have lost a loved one the opportunity to perpetuate the cherished memory of their departed by donating a Yahrzeit Memorial Plaque.

There is no more fitting way to commemorate your loved ones then by inscribing their names on the synagogue Memorial Boards.

Placement of Plaques:

  • Orders take approximately 6-8 weeks to be processed and completed.
  • The Memorial Plaques are mounted on memorial boards in the Ohr Kodesh Sanctuary.  Each nameplate is inscribed with the name of the departed in English and Hebrew along with the English date of death and the Hebrew Yahrzeit month and day. 
  • At the side of each nameplate, there is a Memorial Light, which is lit each year on the Yahrzeit and for all Yizkor commemorations. 
  • Individual names plaques will be placed on the Memorial Board in the order in which they are received.  It is possible, however, to place plaques of family members together if the family requests this.
  • The name of the departed inscribed on the Memorial Plaque is published annually at Yom Kippur in the Ohr Kodesh "Book of Life."


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