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RABBI Search fAQ

  1. In what ways will members of the congregation be able to take part in the search process?
  2. What is the Rabbinical Assembly (RA) and what is their role in this process?
  3. What are some of the most important eligibility requirements that the RA requires?
  4. Can Ohr Kodesh consider applicants who are not members of the RA?
  5. What is the anticipated timeline?
  6. How will we get candidates to apply for the position?
  7. How can members express their opinions?
  8. Does the congregation have a say in the final decision?
  9. What happens if the Search Committee decides that none of the candidates meet our needs?



June 28, 2020 - Rabbi Search Committee update

"Earlier this over 160 members participated in 21 focus groups, which included in person, by teleconference and virtual meetings. Over 15 volunteers helped run the meetings -- including many members who are not on the search committee.  Currently a group of 12 members are analyzing, reviewing and summarizing all of the notes collected. When complete, the summary will be relied upon for several purposes: identifying areas to probe further in an online survey; informing the criteria we will use to evaluate candidates; and providing information to convey a full picture of our community in our job posting.  We're so grateful for the great interest of the many who took time to participate as well as the invaluable volunteer support!

Recently, the Rabbinic Search Committee launched an online survey which was sent via email in late June. The data from the survey will help us identify and recruit the right Rabbi for the next chapter of our shul's history. Click here for the survey. It should take about 20 minutes to complete."   

February 6, 2020 - Search Committee Subteams at Work

In last few months, the Rabbi Search Committee has been organizing for the search process.  We have formed several subteams to focus on different segments of the work:  For more information or if you want to participate for various focus groups, click HERE

(1) Engagement:  Building on the foundation of EnVision OKC, this team will gather specific input from members of the Congregation to inform the rabbi search. We will organize small and large group meetings where members can share thoughts about what is important to them and to the community about our next rabbi. We will conduct a congregation-wide survey to solicit members’ views. We will report the results and principal takeaways to the committee and to the congregation. The team will also create a mechanism to collect members’ feedback after candidates’ visits in early 2021.

(2) Communications:  This team will work on keeping our membership up to date on activities relating to the Rabbi Search, including what the Committee has been doing and alerting you to opportunities for member involvement.  The team may also work on materials to promote Chevy Chase and the DC metro area to candidates. In preparation for candidate visits in early 2021, this team will share information on the invited candidates.

(3) Application:  This team will prepare the answers to the extensive questionnaire that comprises the congregation’s self-description and job description that will be disseminated to prospective candidates. The team will work on relaying our job description to appropriate outlets.

(4) Interview:  This team will create a scoring rubric for resumes, conduct prescreening of resumes, prepare interview questions, carry out screening interviews, as well as manage full committee interviews of selected candidates.

(5) Candidate Visits & Logistics: This team will plan weekends for candidate visits in early 2021 when candidates will meet the wider OKC community. The team’s work will include how to introduce candidates to a cross-section of Ohr Kodesh, arranging travel, home hospitality, meals, Shabbat services and Kiddush planning, and other events.

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