Supporting the Bereaved

When death occurs

  • Contact Rabbi Fishman or the Ohr Kodesh office first: (301) 589-3880 (days),  (301) 587-6669 (evenings).
  • It is inappropriate to make funeral arrangements on Shabbat.  The rabbi or Funeral Practices Committee coordinator should be contacted immediately  following shabbat.
  • Coordinators for the Funeral Practices Committee have been assigned to assist bereaved members.  Please click HERE to see the names and telephone numbers of the coordinators for this month.


ohr kodesh is prepared to help

Rabbi Fishman is available to assist all members when death occurs.  The congregation staff and leadership are able to contact him (or an alternate if he is not available) at all times.  Rabbi Fishman prefers that he be contacted prior to contacting a funeral home or making other funeral commitments in order to counsel the bereaved family concerning traditional Jewish practices.

Ohr Kodesh, via the Jewish Funeral Practices of Greater Washington, has a contract with a local funeral home (Hines Rinaldi) for a simple, authentically Jewish funeral at a pre-determined cost.  The current contract is available as an attachment, below.

The Ohr Kodesh Board of Directors permits members to hold traditional funerals in its sanctuary or chapel.  A traditional funeral must include taharah, tachrichim, a closed wooden coffin, and a Jewish services devoid of flowers and instrumental music.

An Ohr Kodesh member is entitled to the broad range of Funeral Practices Committee services (funeral coordination and liaison with the funeral home, taharah, shmirah, minyan, use of the sanctuary/chapel, services of the rabbi and cantor) for funeral arrangements for the member's spouse, child or parent.  The Funeral Practices Committee will provide shmirah for up to two full days for deaths of these member relatives, (and for additional days if burial is delayed for more than two days because of Shabbat or yom tov).  The committee can arrange for additional shmirah on request of the bereaved family, with the understanding that the family will be responsible for any associated costs for the additional shmirah.

Members can be assisted with arrangements for the death of a sibling by offering the current contract funeral package, by requesting shmirah and taharah on behalf of the family through community resources, and by arranging for use of the sanctuary/chapel, and shivah minyan through the Funeral Practices Committee.



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