Trans-Inclusive Taharah Practices - Free Zoom Seminars

The LGBTQ Inclusion Task Force and the Chevra Kaddisha are excited to share with you several new resources and study opportunities on Trans-Inclusive Tahara Practices. These resources will inform future practices of our Chevra Kaddisha.

We encourage everyone to learn about these issues - awareness is crucial to understanding peoples' identities, and the ways in which they express themselves. We can also increase our self-awareness, understanding the lens through which we ourselves look at others and their identities.

Free Zoom Seminars on Trans-Inclusive Taharah Practices

Led by: Emily Fishman and Rabbi Becky Silverstein of the Boston Community Hevra Kadisha

August 16th: Implementation in Your Chevrah Kadisha
Let our work benefit you! Bring your early successes, questions, and roadblocks. We will share some of our own. 

Hosted by Kavod v'Nichum, the national Chevra Kaddisha support organization.

Sponsored by Hadar and the Schusterman Family Foundation

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Transgender Rites: Creating practical guidelines for rituals around death and burial for transgender and nonbinary Jews - an article in Tablet Magazine, available at

Toward a Gender-Inclusive Hevra Kadisha", created by the Boston Community Hevra Kadisha, a document created by the Community Hevra Kadisha of Greater Boston, which “works to provide a framework for inclusion of transgender and gender nonconforming Jews in traditional Jewish death and burial practices". It includes new liturgical proposals and training suggestions that can help ensure that a Chevra Kaddisha can serve all deceased in dignity and with respect, no matter how they expressed their gender when alive. The document is available at

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